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How to build my pitbull muscles naturally


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How to build my pitbull muscles naturally? Before we get your dog working. now let’s talk about the 80/20 rule. now for humans for us to have a good diet plan, 80% needs to be dieting and 20% needs to be workout the same applies to the dog. they need to have the right diet plan. such as let’s say a raw you know diet barf diet pre model diet and the right supplements in place and 20% is working out. so never overdo your dog just like humans.

We can’t overdo ourselves and this is what gives you the max muscle growth out of your dog. they stop around 2 years. so that’s plenty of time for you to get the diet.

Workout for Pitbull to Muscle gains

let me know what you guys think about these workouts. which workout do you guys want to start with? I’m kind of curious about that.

I’m going to show you a few different ways that you could work out your American Bully or pit bulls. just like humans, we can actually spot exercise parts of our bodies like our biceps our legs our quads anything we can do we can actually do that for dogs too.

Now, these are exercises that I’m sure you heard about but today I’m going to show you a little graph or infographic on which muscles actually work out for your dog. so. this will help you outbuild your dog into a swell dog.

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A spring pull

The first exercise we’re going to start off with is a spring pull.

what is a spring pull?

Spring pull is it’s a rope attached to a tree or a bean that’s up in the air and on that rope, there’s a spring attached to it with the dog toy at the end of it. what this does is to let your dog play tug-of-war with itself.  they can have countless hours of fun with this thing.

This exercise is really beneficial. if you’re looking into training your dog to be a guard dog. this really brings out. the bite force really helps work out. the jaw in the neck area and the lower back and underneath the ribs and the back hips. so this is really good.

Brings out the drive in the dog. like I said they tuck on this thing for hours. you don’t have to be in the picture and it really builds that by force. this is most popular in the bully community.

The pitbull whoever has you know that willingness to build their dog as a guard dog. this is really great beneficial obviously to get the full muscle growth out. this you need the right supplements in place and the right diet in place. so if you’re considering growing your dog this is one of the main
exercises for you.

Flirt Pole

The sprint and run exercise is very overlooked in my opinion. I know a lot of people like to jog with their dogs but we’re not as fast as dogs and that really doesn’t bring out the max exercise that the dogs would like to receive you really want to tire them out.

What a flirt pulley?

It’s a pole with a toy attached to it and you spin it around in circles. let your bully or your pitbull run after it. this could really get them tired in minutes and could bring a lot of muscle growth to them. if you do this maybe even three times a week.

it’s really beneficial for them.  we can’t keep up with dogs. so this is a really good way to get them to run.  we want them to run and sprint you can play catch with them. you could throw the frisbee if your dog is into that stuff.

You can also throw them on the treadmill as well but dogs don’t really like to stay in one place. run on that treadmill forever they feel kind of like they have to do it. so combine some fun. when you’re working with your dogs.

If you want them to have fun and enjoy working out sprinting or a flirt pole is actually something really good. you should probably look into if you have a few dogs and you have a big open field. that’s controlled such as no highways or anything around. there that’s very dangerous to them.

You could just let them go at it man just let them sprint. let them open in the field. throw the little tennis ball throw. some frisbees let them run. they really like that stuff you get them.

If you guys didn’t know take out some of the bad habits inside the home. if they’re starting to develop them. so consider this it’s an obvious one but it’s a very beneficial one.

Weight pulling

the third exercise which is one of my favorites is weight pulling.

now weight pulling for your bull your pitbull. it could be very very beneficial. this is literally lifting weights for them but they’re pulling with their whole body so it works out a big group of muscles.

now you got to be careful when you start weight pulling. you want to take it a little bit at a time a little bit of weight at a time for your dog. you want them to be able to develop the muscles. starting with a big weight low for them and you got to keep in mind their joints and make sure they don’t have pain arthritis or anything like that but if they’re good you’re feeding them well.

you have the right diet in place the right supplements to recover weight pulling could be very beneficial. they see a lot of muscle growth out. it really brings the drive out of the dog. especially game dogs little pit bulls that are just very driving can’t stay in one place. this is the workout for them.

you can find a lot of muscle growth out of this workout, it’s always best to do your research before starting this workout.

Long walk

long walks for your dog can really get that shredded lean look. you’re not going to see a lot of benefits from this right away but you will see the long term.

your dog will definitely get a lot leaner and a lot more shredded instead of staying isolated inside the home. if you guy’s dogs are not getting any walks this could really bring out the muscles. it could really let them pop this is the obvious exercise but it’s definitely overlooked. just as much as a sprint and run.

the long walks could definitely get that muscle. show think of it as humans what we do is we take it. slow we walk day by day and eventually, we will see some results. we’ll start losing weight and then it goes the same for the dog will start getting that lean look and you’ll start seeing the benefits over a long period of time same as humans so keep that in mind.


A lot of dogs don’t like to go swimming but if you get your dog to swim. this can also be very beneficial to them and really gets their leg muscles popping. now and their back muscles to pop out. if we swim we’re gonna burn a lot of calories as humans. so if it’s really good for us it’s really good for them.

a lot of dogs see this as more like a cardio workout for them and it could really be beneficial. Have you ever gone swimming and felt so exhausted after your swimming, this is the same for them. even though it seems like they’re just having fun they’re really building that muscle in their bodies.

they’re getting leaner and if you take your dog swimming with you this could be some relationship building as well you know let them build trust in you and at the same time, you’re building that dog with Michael Phelps swimming skills so this is really good for them.

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