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How to know if your dog is having a heat stroke?

Amit Kumar

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How are you everybody, overwhelming heat we’re dealing with is a serious risk of heatstroke here are the signs and symptoms of how to prevent and treat it in your dog?

It’s getting hot out right now you and me what can we do we sweat we have sweat glands all over our body. what our dogs and they have some sweat glands on their pads a little bit on the end of their nose not much else.

The only way Pippi can cool herself is by doing that it’s panting. It’s not near as efficient as having all those sweat glands heatstroke can happen in as short as 15 minutes.

when your dog’s body temperature rises to 41 degrees Celsius, that’s 106 degrees Fahrenheit. When your dog’s body temperature gets this high, you see serious changes in the body. it can affect the brain. it can affect all the organs and all the proteins in the body.

They literally just dissolve first thing. you’re gonna see is a dog that is excessively panting often they have this very thick ropey saliva. if you lift up your dog’s lips and look at their gums. it’ll be dark red purple-blue or even pale be a marked increase in your dog’s heart rate.

What are the signs of heatstroke in dogs?

Vomiting or vomiting diarrhea

These guys can seem really dizzy or confused you might see muscle tremors and seizures. your dog might completely collapse in some cases. even go completely unconscious most of us are gonna suspect heatstroke.

You know it’s really hot outside say your dog’s been running he’s now excessively panting, he just can’t cool down. thick ropey saliva yeah your dog’s likely got heatstroke or about to get heatstroke.

So now like what do you do in Heat stroke? 

First, remove your dog from the heat get your dog out of the car get her out of the hot sun pick her up and get her away from the heat.

Number two, you’re gonna gradually lower your dog’s body temperature. if you have a hose mist your dog all over. you know from the head to the tail especially focusing on the groin doesn’t hurt to mist yourself get yourself some cold water.

A wet cloth if you don’t have access to a hose moisten a towel and cover your dog without wet cool water. the groin has a large blood supply and no fur, it can rapidly speed cooling.

Make sure you’re offering your dog some water and try to get him or her to drink. your hipster and if you have one get yourself a fan get that on your dog moving that cool air onto your dog will dramatically increase the rate of cooling.

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What you don’t do in heatstroke?

Don’t wrap a wet towel around your dog that can actually slow the rate of cooling and don’t be immersing your dog in ice water. when you do that it actually causes vasoconstriction. you can actually delay the cooling.

Get to an emergency veterinarian as soon as possible. you know while you’re transplanting your dog. make sure the air conditioner is on you’ve got that wet towel in their grind to help cool them but don’t delay just do whatever you can to avoid heatstroke.

You know don’t exercise your dog in the heat stay out of the heat as much as possible. lots of water air conditioning as possible just be really smart about it.

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